After the pandemic of COVID-19, telemedicine app development has increased. The patients who survived during the pandemic are applausive. It all happened with the help of telemedicine apps. All these apps provide healthcare services without patients going outside. You will find several demand apps in the market. Doctor on demand app development is one of the crucial step that helps patients get an appointment for treatment from professionals without going outside their home and meeting physically. 

You don’t need personal computers or laptops for an appointment; only a smartphone is sufficient in these doctor-on-demand apps. You can get your treatment through audio or video call with the help of telehealth apps. Doctor demand app has gained popularity after the pandemic of COVID-19. Many mobile app development companies work on this project and have launched many telehealth apps recently. These apps help patients and reduce the burden on hospitals and doctors. Now, people are addicted to it, and these apps have millions of users. 

In the blog, we will discuss the challenges faced by developers while developing doctor-on-demand apps. Before that, we will discuss market statistics for doctor on-demand apps and some benefits of telemedicine apps. 

Market statistics of a doctor on-demand app

According to a Merritt Hawkins Survey study from the United States, a new patient must wait roughly two to three weeks in 15 major cities. Almost 70% of poll respondents would not prefer a virtual consultation. In this direction, telemedicine mobile app development can be a saviour.

More than 75% of people want the option to text their doctors. Since the pandemic, the telemedicine sector has had phenomenal growth, and according to Statistics, this market is anticipated to reach over 460 billion USD by 2030. According to a McKinsey analysis, telemedicine utilization has grown 38 times since the pandemic began.

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It’s time to see the benefits of telemedicine apps. 

Benefits of telemedicine apps

The followings are some benefits of telemedicine apps-

1. Lessen the cost of healthcare 

2. Reduced the burden of physicians along with hospitals. 

3. Reduces the amount of time lost due to traffic jams or other problems

4. Added revenue for doctors

5. Patients are fully satisfied with telemedicine apps

6. Maintains the doctors’ overall work-life balance

7. You will find many specialists in different diseases. 

8. The data of patients will be secure and safe. 

9. Enables improved daily schedule control

Here we are in the main topic of this blog, which is the challenges faced while developing doctor-on-demand apps. 

Challenges faced while developing doctor-on-demand apps. 

The following are some challenges faced by developers while developing a doctor on demand mobile app – 

1. Data security 

The cybersecurity of an on-demand doctor app is a significant worry. Everyone wants their personal information to be secure and protected, and patients are no different. Making sure that the Doctor on Demand app is secure patient information might take much work for app developers. The programmers must transmit and receive protected data and use third-party servers adhering to guidelines and regulations to address this problem and secure mobile app development.

2. Integration of UI/UX 

UI/UX is responsible for the applications’ look and design. It is very important for any application to look impressive. It is crucial to have a striking UX/UI design while developing an app for patients and doctors. Even more so, a medical app’s UI/UX development will vary depending on the specialization. Therefore, each doctor-on-demand app includes two primary parts: one for the patient and the other for the doctor. It can sometimes be difficult for the developers to keep the two aspects apart. It will, therefore, significantly impact their ability to develop a potent doctor-on-demand app after eliminating this problem.

3. Per Healthcare law

It is a typical issue that many developers run across when making healthcare applications. Laws relating to data collecting, keeping, and analysis must be governed by policies and guidelines for the various locations as they construct an app. Make sure it is HIPPA compliant in that country, just like when developing a medical appointment app for the U.S. To safeguard patient records, you must choose a doctor appointment app development company that follows the law and create an app that does so.

4. Secure payment mode 

Any form of payment must be secure and protected for patients to use on an on-demand medical app from a doctor. Ensure your app enables all invoicing and payment methods while maintaining security and adhering to your privacy policies. In contrast to an app with insecure payment methods and gateways, a secure app is more likely to draw patient involvement. Consequently, to ensure the app’s success, consider implementing safe and secure billing procedures since these aid in gaining. 

5. Development Strategy

Making the best choice for patients can be difficult for doctors because several programming languages, programming interfaces, and frameworks are available. They frequently need help choosing the best programming language. However, be sure of the development strategy and establish a reasonable development schedule to make the app successful. Consider the nature of your business before developing an app, and then write out your strategy for selecting the sort of development—native, hybrid, or web-based—you want. The appropriate steps will determine your app’s success, so make a plan with the experts and start developing doctor-on-demand apps today.

6. Effectiveness 

Most developers need help to deliver amazing app performance, even after building a successful on-demand doctor app and giving users a flawless app experience. It might cause the healthcare industry to collapse and lose money. At the beginning of the development process for a doctor appointment app, developers can overcome this difficulty by concentrating on the design performance. Fantastic performance on a mobile app attracts a vast audience and generates a lot of revenue. As a result, this factor deserves a lot of weight.


Several more problems are faced by developers while developing doctor-on-demand mobile applications apart from the problems mentioned earlier. In this blog, you have read about the problems developers face in developing doctor-on-demand applications, their market statistics, and the benefits of telemedicine apps. We hope that the blog will be helpful to you. You can take further consultations from Dreamsoft4u to get the best doctor on demand app development.