Are you tired of watching stories of Instagram users from a fake account? Do you want to get any content without leaving footprints on Stories views lists? 

Go to Stories IG tool and paste the name of an Instagram account you’d like to watch and download Stories from. Just a few clicks and no fake accounts needed! Ready to enjoy seeing their content on a full screen in the best quality and even save it on any of your devices? Stay tuned, in this article we’re revealing a secret of professional Instagram stalkers.

Fake accounts for Stories IG are no more needed

Instagram is becoming more and more strict in the question concerning fake accounts that people create for spying on each other. 

In 2022  there are so many legal abilities and opportunities to get any Instagram information with a help of special web or app tools. They all are created for the goals of anonymous watching and even downloading any Instagram content that you can find on any public account. 

So there are no more reasons for having fake Instagram accounts as for two main features of Instagram in 2022:

  • Fake Instagram accounts are useless

There are several reasons why fake Instagram accounts are no more useful for the goal of stalking Instagram.

  •  All accounts created by one user can be banned. Now Instagram account owners can ban all the accounts that are associated with the same phone number or email that your account has. So if youк main account is banned, theres a possibility that your fake account won’t have a access to this profile too.

  • ad quality content saving options. How to save any content from a fake account? All that you can do is to make a screen video or screenshot of any Instagram content that you’d like to save. But this method is not so good if you want to reuse this content further. It is even not great if you want to just have it on your hand. The quality of content after cropping frames and borders will be disgusting, so you won’t reuse this content anymore.

That is why it is important to have on hand the special tool for stalking Instagram accounts anytime, anywhere and from any device — from smartphone to PC.

How to download Instagram Stories in the best quality ever with a few clicks and for free

Just use a special Instagram story downloader that is just created for this goal. With a Toolzu downloader, you can both watch the story of an Instagram public account and download it on your device.

  1. The first step is to find an account that you’d like to download from Instagram.
  2. Then you need to type the name of it this account or just copy it from Instagram and paste it into the search bar of the Toolzu downloader tool.
  3. After this, hit the download button.
  4. Choose a place in your device memory to save the content.

Now you can look through the Stories even after they won’t be available on the account of its creator. You can download any of it on your device and save it forever in the best quality possible.

Why use the downloader tool for Instagram instead of any other method 

  • The first reason is that the web downloader works on any device, you can use it on your smartphone,  iPad, and even on your PC. You can log in and register in the Toolzu web app and just add the bookmarks in your browsers. It is  no matter if you have iOS or Android — the IG Stories downloader tool works on any device.
  • The second (and one of the biggest advantages) is that you don’t need to install any soft on your device. To be realistic, you need to download something from Instagram not so often, yeah? So you don’t need to spend your data, Internet connection, device memory of to install anything like an app or a special program for downloading from Instagram. Just go the Toolzu web page on your browser — and that it is more than enough for Instagram stalking. Download Instagram Story online without any additional soft.
  • The third and one (and the most lovable feature!) of this Instagram downloader is that you can save an Instagram video in the best quality possible. Toolzu downloader gets the content right from Instagram code. So it will be saved in your device in their best quality that was uploaded by a user. So you won’t lose a pixel in quality when you download an Instagram story with this tool.

Final world

Instagram’s stalking with fake accounts is outdated, it is endangered in 2022. Soon it will be strictly banned by Instagram. So you need to be prepared for the time when your fake accounts will stop working. Find and try all the tools that will help you to keep watching anonymously everything you need to see on Instagram.