If you’re a business minded vegan, your mind is always on finding bigger and better ways to do things. From entrepreneurship to inventions and reinventions, you aren’t content to watch life from the sidelines.

Whether you’re contemplating starting your own vegan juice-related endeavor or simply need to fuel your body so you can function at your best, you’ll love what fresh juice can do for you.

If you live in the Whittier area, you’ve got to try the best vegan juice Whittier – Nevera Juice Bar. New to the scene in Whittier, this establishment serves up tasty vegan juice that can’t be beat. 

All About Juicing

Juicing is one of the most powerful ways to pack concentrated doses of fresh fruits and veggies into one single serving. While you might do good to eat one carrot, you can get 10 in one glass of juice. 

Another huge benefit to juicing is that you can sneak in foods you wouldn’t normally touch – like spinach, kale, or celery. Depending on the combination of ingredients, you can mask healthy foods you don’t particularly care for but still reap the rewards of consuming them.

Juicing is great for weight loss because you can easily substitute a juice meal for a juice. Juices are delicious and satisfying so you won’t miss a thing. They are also a healthy alternative to sugar-laden snacks.

What Makes Vegan Juice Vegan?

Being committed to a vegan diet is serious. Not all establishments get that. You must be cautious when choosing vegan juice to be sure it really is vegan. Many think that all juice is naturally vegan but that’s not the case. There are filler ingredients that can be derived from animal products like gelatin – a popular juice addition that clarifies the blend.

Knowing that all juice isn’t automatically vegan, you’ll need to check for yourself or if you are ordering at a juice bar, ask the establishment. A vegan juice proudly advertises it’s vegan on the label and if you’re lucky, it will be organic too. 

Other additions in juice include honey and other sweeteners that may be derived from animals or animal products. Sometimes milk is added to a juice creation. Is the milk from a cow or goat? True vegan juice drinks have almond milk or a similar substitute if they add a milk.

Interestingly, added vitamins may be derived from animals or animal substances such as vitamin D3. It’s not easy to spot these tricky little deceiving ingredients or additives so be on the lookout.

Beware that vegan juice tends to appear cloudy because of the absence of gelatin. It may also lack the vitamin content that non-vegan juices boast on the label because they are eliminated due to animal product content.

While it may seem like you are settling for less – a cloudy juice with less added vitamins, if you are vegan, you won’t miss a thing.

Being vegan is a life choice. Juice bars like Nevera honor your dedication and decision to drink and eat only vegan choices. Nevera Juice Bar serves vegan juice Whittier can trust to be free of animal anything when served in vegan beverages. 

Vegan Lifestyle

When many people hear the word “vegan”, they may think it’s just a fad or someone thinking it’s cool to be vegan. There are people whose bodies can’t tolerate animal products and there are those whose believes don’t tolerate the consumption of animals or animal products.

Being vegan is more than just a diet. It is a movement that is catching on and it is also a heartfelt commitment of someone being true to themselves. Abstaining from certain types of food, like beef, is no different than someone abstaining from wearing certain clothing, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or refraining from foods they have allergies to. 

Veganism is a abstaining from more than meat. It is also staying away from consuming anything that exploits another living being. Who can find fault with that?

From 2004 to 2019, there was a 300% increase in people identifying as vegan. Thereafter, even more have joined the vegan nation. Veganism has many faces. Some are vegan for religious purposes and others have their own set of beliefs about consuming meat and meat products. Some are stricter than others. 

Not everyone who attempts a vegan lifestyle makes it. Some simply crave meat or find it too difficult to do their homework on confusing and misleading products such as juice. They figure if they had animal protein in their juice by accident, their veganism is tainted and they might as well give up.

Juice bars and establishments that operate with integrity know and understand that being vegan isn’t easy but it is the right fit for many and offering truly vegan juice is a sign of honor and respect.

All Business

Being vegan is all business. If you’ve come to the place in your life that you no longer want to have anything to do with the consumption of animals or products related to animals, congratulations. Whatever your reasons are behind your decision, be it anti-animal cruelty, health reasons, or just following your heart, you have taken a stand and that’s admirable.

The best juice bars and other establishments that serve vegan juice will respect your choice and will be upfront with you about their juice sources – whether they are truly vegan or not or whether there is a question about it. You deserve to be aware of what you are putting into your body and juice bars that honor you will honor your commitment too. 

Best Vegan Juice Whittier

If you are craving a healthy and refreshing beverage, head on down to Nevera Juice Bar where you’ll find authentic vegan juice Whittier