Brutal Force has recently manufactured a legal steroid line, which includes SBulk, a compound designed to mimic the effects of sustanon 250. 

The goal with SBulk is to produce a compound that can give gym-goers all of the awesome effects of sustanon — but without ruining their health (as many steroids do on a daily basis, affecting millions of men and women around the world). 

Sustanon 250 essentially is testosterone. It contains a blend of different testosterone esters (both long and short); enabling testosterone to kick in quickly, but also remain peaked in the bloodstream long into a cycle. 

Sustanon 250, as with any testosterone ester, produces exceptional muscle and strength gains. Beginners using sustanon can gain 20+lbs of muscle during their first cycle. 

Sustanon is also suitable for beginners, and is often used in a first cycle — with it producing milder side effects compared to other AAS. 

Although sustanon may be safer than other steroids — it’s certainly not safe. Especially when bought on the black market and taken without expert supervision. 

Sustanon 250 Side Effects 

Sustanon 250 will cause endogenous testosterone levels to drop. This is because the body detects an additional, external source of testosterone, causing levels to rise excessively. Thus, in an attempt to keep testosterone within a normal range, it begins to shut down natural testosterone production. Therefore, when users finish their testosterone cycle, they can experience very low testosterone (which can last for several weeks or months). 

Sustanon 250 can also cause oily skin, or acne due to its androgenic nature. Hair thinning, recession or loss on the scalp is also a possibility due to heightened DHT levels (negatively affecting hair follicles). 

Water retention and gynecomastia are possible, due to testosterone converting into estrogen. This can result in bloating, smooth muscles and the appearance of man boobs. 

SBulk from Brutal Force doesn’t cause any of the above side effects. It is made up of strictly FDA approved ingredients that are 100% natural. 

SBulk despite being in pill form also does not pose any risk to the liver, as it’s not considered hepatotoxic (in comparison to many oral steroids). Thus, liver support also is not needed when taking SBulk. 

Sustanon needs to be injected, which can be unpleasant or even painful in some instances. This is also solved in SBulk being in pill form. 

SBulk Ingredients 

Here is some of the main ingredients in SBulk:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium 
  • Zinc
  • D-aspartic acid 
  • Nettle leaf
  • Korean red ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Boron 
  • Bioperine

You can see that Brutal Force went all out in combining as many effective testosterone boosting ingredients into one pill. These certainly are effective, and will raise natural test levels — which is the opposite of sustanon (which actually sabotages natural test). 

Thus, SBulk works by freeing up active testosterone, causing more potential for muscle and strength gains. 

The only testosterone booster that comes to mind that isn’t included in this formula is — tribulus terrestris. However, this is included in Brutal Force’s DBulk product, thus it may be shrewd move to stack these together. SBulk and DBulk are also included in Brutal Force’s bulking stack, in addition to ABulk (anadrol) and TBulk (trenbolone). 

Who is SBulk For?

SBulk is for someone who wants to build muscle, increase strength and potentially lose a little fat. 

It is for someone who wants to maximize their natural testosterone production, improving their sexual health; as well as physical and mental. 

SBulk is also optimal for men who are older and have experienced decreased muscle mass and energy levels over the years; as a result of low testosterone levels. 

SBulk can also be taken when cutting, to help preserve muscle mass and keep the body from entering a catabolic state (where muscle loss can occur). 

SBulk can also be a great natural alternative to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), with the latter often causing dependency, as long-term use can decimate natural testosterone. TRT is also very expensive, whereas with SBulk priced at $54.99 — it is reasonably priced and a much cheaper option. 


SBulk is a safe way to maximize testosterone and increase lean muscle. Taking anabolic steroids is a dangerous risk, and a path we recommend none of our readers go down. SBulk will build up your health, as well as your body. 

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