If you are looking to increase SEO and increase user traffic on your site, then you should choose a reliable WordPress hosting company. Best web hosting is a service created primarily to host the WordPress content management system live on the Internet.

In addition to ensuring that Internet users can access your website, the WordPress host also serves to protect, simplify and speed up the installation of your website. Even with the help of a host, it can be difficult and time consuming to set up a WordPress website on a Linux web server.

Also, with the help of WordPress hosting, you can receive storage space on the server for the media and files related to your website. Every time a user enters the site, the host receives the files from the server and displays them on the website interface.

Hosting for WordPress in a Controlled Environment

It is critical that your managed WordPress hosting service be able to handle any spikes in site traffic. Scalable WordPress hosting is reliable and versatile, helping you build a secure online presence and go to market seamlessly.

Also, Convesio hosting helps you easily scale your WordPress website plan with just a few clicks. For managed hosting, you dedicate an entire server to a single site, so you don’t have to share resources. Consequently, Convesio can be used to host, manage traffic and benefit from the best features of this hosting site for corporate and e-commerce websites.

It can deploy numerous containers automatically, use a scalable PHP runtime, and even optimize CSS for you. Plus, you get the security advantage of a web application firewall with no additional configuration or expense required.

While it’s not the first WordPress website provider to let you do this, it’s one of the most convenient. Of course, it also ensures that you are running the latest version of WordPress. Also, tasks like installing and updating themes and plugins are handled by a computer program.

Empowering the end user

Convesio’s goal is to make WordPress maintenance as simple as possible for its users so they can focus on other aspects of their business. Customers can scale the WordPress site on Convesio without the need for a server administrator. And, without having any technical skills, Convesio allows you to set up your website on the server independently.

In addition to simply increasing your resources, it also increases your technologies behind the scenes.

Therefore, setting up and managing a server is easier with Convesio compared to other hosting companies. These are just some of the features that make Convesio hosting so successful in allowing their customers to focus on their website and their business.

Transparent work ethic

Convesio always operates with honesty and transparency. Most managed hosting websites don’t reveal much about the underlying hosting mechanisms that run WordPress. They provide detailed information about their features, but hide their technology and infrastructure.

Unlike these companies, Convesio believes in transparency. They guide their users and also educate them on the techniques and technologies that the hosting server uses.

While other hosts try to pass off VPS hosting for managed WordPress hosting, Convesio delivers exactly what they promise.

excellent track record

Convesio was founded in 2018 by Tom Fanelli. The founder intended to revolutionize the world of WordPress hosting providers by offering the latest technology as a platform-as-a-service solution.

The reinvention of WordPress hosting led to the formation of the company Convesio, as Fanelli wanted to create the best managed WordPress hosting service out there. The company strived to create easy-to-use tools and resources packed into affordable plans.

Advanced features like auto recovery and auto scaling were the main focus when creating the hosting site to set it apart from a typical hosting provider. Convesio assumes the ultimate responsibility for each site it hosts. Unlike other platforms, they make sure WordPress websites stay up and functional with the help of their self-healing technology.

Convesio’s main goal is to make downtime a thing of the past.

Benefits of running your WordPress website on Conversio

The following are some of the outstanding features offered by Convesio.

Consistent uptime

Convesio claims that it provides unaltered and constant uptime of your site. WordPress sites can often encounter downtime and go offline due to technical errors or overload. It not only affects the site but also becomes a nuisance for the visitors. In the long run, if these problems persist, they can affect user traffic on the particular site.

The WordPress hosting server employs load balancing containers that help the site handle the load of continuous high volume traffic or spikes in traffic. Managing freight is one of the main ways to avoid downtime and makes it a great option for WooCommerce hosting as it will prevent you from losing sales.

If the traffic exceeds even what the load balancer can handle, Convesio redirects the traffic. Redirection allows you to use duplicate instances where you lead excess traffic. Additionally, users are warned if the site goes down at any time.

Hosting service provider of the future

Convesio’s main goal was to reinvent the traditional notion of WordPress hosting. Customers with high traffic demands that could not be served by standard hosting providers were a major focus of their efforts.

Convesio hosting uses a wide range of state-of-the-art hosting technologies to achieve this. These Convesio ambitions have helped it become an amazing, state-of-the-art hosting website. It employs sophisticated embedded technology that operates on the next generation WordPress platform.

These approaches, such as parallel database query processing and a pooled database, help the service be extremely scalable for user traffic and make it a top-tier, best-managed WordPress hosting provider.

Docker containers

Using many docker containers, Convesio is one of the leading WordPress hosting services. As soon as the load grows, Convesio adjusts the containers. These containers have access to many servers, so whenever demand on one server grows, the other server can take its place and handle the traffic.

As a result, there are fewer sources of failure and the website is always available to users. The base container and load balancer features allow the CDN to distribute and deliver website content globally in a fraction of a second. It then redirects the content between different servers. As a consequence, regardless of the user’s location, the accessible site loads quickly.

In total, Convesio provides nine containers for WordPress websites. As a result, website response time is constantly monitored and adjusted based on visitor volume. The container contains three load balancing containers, one PHP runtime container, five Percona database containers.

Scalable CDN network

The WordPress site pages are hosted on a scalable Convesio CDN network. The network effectively distributes the website material to numerous servers around the world. No matter where a visitor comes from, the scalable and dispersed nature of the material means it’s available in an instant.

The site also has a built-in caching mechanism that is handled automatically by the infrastructure. Users do not have to install additional caching plugins for WordPress. Pages that do not use preloading and must load all their content from scratch, such as dynamic ones, however, react quickly.

Therefore, the response time of the website is greatly shortened and the users get the results of the website much faster. The feature also ensures that the site is running 24 hours and the website is presented without any interruption to the user.

These qualities of Convesio as a hosting platform are another reason why it is one of the top WordPress providers. Plus, it’s easy to set up and maintain.

WordPress site backups

The site provides daily, weekly, and monthly backups. Customers will also be able to plan the backup time according to their needs at a rate of every three hours to fifteen days. In addition, a redundant file system is used to safeguard customer data on live and backup servers.

Troubleshooting a program

Convesio’s automatic scanning and troubleshooting of your website is another feature that elevates it to the status of one of the best WordPress hosting options. In the event of an outage, help offers instant troubleshooting to quickly identify problems and fix them.

Among other concerns, debugging is provided for DNS and domain name failures and certain code errors can also be fixed automatically. Convesio’s servers are also configured with intervention procedures in case of hacking, virus or adware attacks on the site.

increasing and decreasing

Auto scaling options are available to Convesio customers. In the event of a spike in traffic, autoscaling can take advantage of currently available resources and scale accordingly. To automatically scale resources like storage and bandwidth, users should use the slider option.

Scaling does not require any technical expertise. As a result, Convesio’s hosting services are as self-contained and user-centric as possible.


Convesio’s infrastructure uses Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. These services support and host the back-end operations of the site. Furthermore, Convesio has built its data centers in prominent locations around the world. Storage facilities in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia host each database cluster.

This high performance hosting infrastructure is another reason why people keep choosing Convesio as one of the most popular hosting services. Response times are faster in areas close to data centers, according to Convesio speed test findings as well.

Responsive customer service

When it comes to customer support, Convesio does not disappoint as a managed WordPress hosting company. It is easy to contact a representative on this website. The crew responds quickly to inquiries and is available 24 hours a day.

Convesio’s essential support package also includes assistance with moving a WordPress site from another host, installing WordPress, managing web pages, hiding your IP address details, configuring the same server, running a website load test, creating database pools, installing an SSL certificate and browsing the control panel.

In addition, you can pay for the following types of professional services:

The sheer amount of support they provide makes Convesio one of the best-run WordPress hosting companies out there.

Money Back Guarantee

During the 30-day trial period, Convesio clients are entitled to a refund of unused funds. Before obtaining your payment card information, they allow you to test the product features for free.

Hosting by Convesio: Comparison of Managed, Shared and VPS Hosting

Convesio provides managed WordPress hosting. Unlike the other types of hosting services, it offers managed WordPress hosting capabilities to give its customers an exceptional hosting experience.

WordPress Hosting: Shared vs. Managed vs. VPS

When you choose managed WordPress hosting, you can rest easy knowing your site will run smoothly without any effort on your part. The hosting business will take care of most of the technical elements such as updates, load balancing, performance, security, and more. Depending on the host, you may or may not also receive a private server to host your website.

Hosting services offered to multiple users

If you use a shared hosting provider, you will have access to the same resources as everyone else using WordPress. The key distinction is that WordPress shared hosting services allow multiple clients to share the same server resources, such as storage and bandwidth.

Due to the resource savings of hosting multiple websites on a single server, this type of hosting is usually quite affordable. However, it could cause services to be overloaded and performance to drop for all users. One of the biggest limitations of these services is their performance. An SSL certificate, for example, is a common gift.

Host a VPS

When the features and traffic of your websites exceed the resources of shared hosting sites, the next step is often to switch to a virtual private server (VPS) (VPS). A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of web hosting in which a physical server has been conceptually partitioned.

Each partition works separately and sites have different access to their data and media that are kept separate from other virtual servers. A virtual private server (VPS) also gives the user more control over their own server area and more reliable access to server resources. However, users are also often responsible for its maintenance.


The contrast between shared, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting lies in the number of servers. Shared and VPS hosting relies on a few servers, and in some circumstances, just one. These can be set up as a virtual private server (VPS) or shared between multiple users.

These strategies increase the pressure on the server due to which the chances of failure increase. When server load increases, the website may not respond to additional requests. As a consequence, websites can experience interruptions due to the high stress on the hosting site’s server.

Also, with shared hosting, when a site gets heavy traffic, malware, or gets hacked, the entire server with all of its users’ websites suffers and can cause all websites to go down. Then it can take a long time for the hosting company to recover and restore the server. These flaws are widespread in shared hosting circumstances, even if companies are unwilling to acknowledge them.

A VPS provides a solution to this difficulty to some extent. The server doesn’t have to bear the brunt of problems because of the idea of ​​allocated space on it. All plans of a VPS hosting site are located on a single server.

All existing websites on the server are connected due to their physical connection to the hardware. All users on that server will be affected if the hardware has a problem. However, users can only use their own resources and are protected from influencing the performance of others.

To address these concerns, Convesio offers managed hosting with scalable and flexible features. Its architecture allows it to rely on many servers to keep its clients’ websites running. Docker containers further reduce risk concerns. These techniques help Convesio deliver unmatched 100% uptime.