Education doesn’t always have to take place in a traditional classroom. Thanks to the internet, you can search for tutors and find one that suits your needs. There are several platforms to choose from. You can find a comprehensive list here In this post we will talk about a  few that weren’t mentioned  including Kahoot!, Teachable, Preply, Growing Stars, and others.


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform where you play multiple-choice quizzes created by users. The quizzes can be played via a web browser or a mobile app. The games can help you test your knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects. Some of the games are based on trivia questions.

You can also add video or images to your questions. The questions appear above the add question button. You can also edit the questions, add a cover photo and intro video, and share the quiz with others. You can also set the time limit and adjust the number of questions.


Teachable is a great option for online tutors who want to expand their business. It offers an integrated online classroom, collaborative whiteboard, and live video. There are also ways to filter students, collect feedback, and uncover course insights. It even integrates with Google Forms and surveys, which make it easier to keep in touch with students.

Preply allows tutors to teach over 100 subjects and is free to use from home. Its flexible scheduling and hourly rates let tutors set their own rates. The platform also offers a supportive community and training webinars for tutors.


Preply is an online platform that matches students with tutors who can offer lessons in a wide variety of topics. Whether you’re looking to learn accounting or statistics, or learn a new language, Preply can help you learn it. Preply also offers courses in popular subjects like programming languages, javascript, and UI/UX design.

Preply features a plethora of scheduling tools that help teachers set their own working hours. These tools allow teachers to have total control over their work flow. For example, the Preply Calendar makes it easy to schedule lessons, set work hours, and set time off. Preply also offers Google calendar synchronization, so that students can see when their tutors are available.

Growing Stars

Growing Stars is a platform that matches children with tutors who are trained in your child’s learning style. These tutors work with your child’s textbook and follow a customized learning plan. Parents are encouraged to be involved with their child’s progress through periodic progress reports.

Tutors are qualified professionals with years of experience who provide personalized lessons tailored to your child’s needs. These professionals help students with admission tests and reinforce concepts learned in school. The service is easy to use and offers 24/7 customer support. In addition to that, students can submit essays for feedback within 12 hours, which is great if they are struggling with an assignment.


Students can enroll in Chegg’s online tutoring platform for a low monthly fee. However, students can’t get a refund if they find out that their questions weren’t answered or that the answers were incorrect. Other issues include inefficient customer service and an inconvenient account ID. There are even some claims that the platform is unethical. Nevertheless, Chegg’s employees disagree with these claims.

Chegg has been around for a long time. Despite some bad reviews, the company’s services are generally praised for their convenience. Although tutors must pay a fee every session, their clients are pre-screened, and the platform helps them reach a wide client base. The platform also offers preferred tutor status, which means that tutors can earn more quickly. To get started with the Chegg online tutoring platform, tutors must create an account through Facebook or email.