Reviews – My sister saw one of the ‘win £750 on asos’ trick promotions on tiktok and she got bulldozed, she has never succumbed to a trick but since this one was on a site as authentic as tiktok so she didn’t consider anything it.. which is reasonab le and I’m certain a many individuals have done right now on tiktok..

To “win” the £750 voucher she needed to place in her location, email, telephone number and DOB. She didn’t give any bank subtleties as she isn’t excessively dumb

She understood it was a trick when she got a book soon after from a standard number with a connection to proceed, she didn’t click it as the connection didn’t look genuine by any means.

How would scammers be able to manage the data she gave?

She is presently terrified she has placed us in peril by giving the location and feels rather idiotic now as she’s never succumbed to a trick.

(Btw, she did this on a night out intensely impaired)