Exercise has consistently been a piece of my life and throughout the past 20+ years, I’ve attempted all way of activities to discover one that was my ideal fit. One that I could stay with reliably and that would both cause me look and to feel better.

There’s nobody ‘size fits all’…

One thing I’ve found out about practice over these years, is that everybody is unique and the way to staying with it is to discover one that you appreciate. In my bid to discover one that coasted my very own boat, I had a go at everything. From cycling, strolling, swimming, ricocheting around in the rec center (yuk!), Tabata, HiiT, running, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Tae Kwondo, Kung Fu… the rundown goes on. I have taken to some more than others (specifically combative techniques, Pilates and swimming) and others I will in general get then drop at that point get again on the grounds that they’re ‘intended to be useful for me’ like running (I’m not what you’d call ‘a characteristic runner’!). In any case, there’s none I’ve attempted where I really (might I venture to say) look advances to doing it, or acquired a genuine feeling of remuneration from it. Thusly, I immediately lost interest and dropped out of my everyday practice, once more.

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The craving to feel better, once more

Any individual who visits my blog regularly sufficient will realize that this year my wellness venture has been damaged by an inconvenient shoulder injury. Indeed, I’d venture to such an extreme as to say a few exercises really added to the issue (in particular HiiT). I wound up needing needle therapy twice and physio (read my blog on needle therapy here!). This injury truly got me down. It caused me to feel old – which I didn’t care for, not the slightest bit. Yet, it additionally made me address some different issues which had been building. I felt the time had come to quit zeroing in on practice similarly as a way to be body fit and begin to view at it as accomplishing something which really causes me to feel great once more. Hiit may work, however it additionally made me hopeless. Furthermore, life’s too short to ever be hopeless. So the time had come to accomplish something which profited my wellbeing yet caused me to feel better.

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Enter the Asana Rebel Yoga App

I originally found this application as a promotion in my Facebook channel and at first overlooked it as I would not like to do Yoga. I’d done it numerous years prior and discovered the instructors to be somewhat disparaging. I very much wanted Pilates. Be that as it may, the name grabbed my eye: Asana REBEL. Interest won, so I chose to give it a go.

For the initial not many weeks, I just utilized the free fundamental form of the application – as I didn’t predict myself truly staying with it. However, sooner or later I was so snared, I pursued the entire year. Here’s my survey of the application and what I found.