If you work with vehicles or spend your spare time adapting cars or motorcycles at home or your local garage, it might have been recommended that you look into stainless steel braided brake lines, replacing any old, rubber brake lines in your vehicles’ hydraulic systems. 

But what exactly are braided brake lines, and what makes them better than any old brake hose?

What are braided brake lines?

All brake lines, whether they’re made from rubber or stainless steel, are designed to transfer hydraulic fluid from one brake cylinder to the other.

This allows your input – whether it be pushing a pedal or bulling a brake lever – to be converted into friction, controlling when and how your brakes engage.

Unlike rubber brake hoses, braided brake hoses are commonly made from either Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), with an outer shell of stainless-steel wire – meaning they’re stronger and much more durable than their rubber counterparts.

How are braided brake lines different from other brake hoses? 

Aside from the materials they’re made of, braided brake lines offer many benefits that make them the superior choice compared to others. 

  • They’re much more reliable

With stainless steel brake lines being manufactured with some of the most hard-wearing components, problems like tube expansion, leaks, and other wear-and-tear-related damages are far less likely to occur.

They’re also corrosion-resistant, making them perfect for transferring brake fluid in all weathers and on a variety of road surfaces, so you can be confident they’ll serve you for a long time.

  • They perform better 

Braided stainless steel brake lines are often seen in vehicles used for motorsports, including world famous Formula 1, NASCAR and motorcycle racing – and it’s definitely not for no reason.

Over time and extensive use, rubber brake lines are prone to swelling but braided brake hoses can withstand the pressure associated with your vehicles’ braking system and they don’t swell.

As a result, their lifespan is much longer, and you’ll get to enjoy their benefits for years to come. 

  • They look better/ more customisable

Not only do they perform excellently and last a lot longer than standard rubber brake hoses, but they look miles better too.

If aesthetic is important when it comes to your vehicle, then you’ll want to take a look into installing braided brake lines. 

Rubber brake hoses don’t make a particularly attractive accessory, but with a stainless-steel braided brake hose, you can match its colour and finish to the rest of your bodywork to create a look you can take pride in. 

Ready to invest in stainless steel brake lines? 

When purchasing braided brake lines, it’s always best to get them from a supplier you know you can trust – whether it be from a well-known provider or an established brake hose specialist.

Most garages will carry them, and likely offer installation services for an additional fee – or you can order braided brake hoses online along with end fittings to assemble yourself at home.

If your mind is made up, what are you waiting for? 

Browse online to find a stockist near you!