Weight training multi-stations are used in strength training and are very popular both at home and in gyms and fitness centers.

Characteristics of the bodybuilding multistations

Weight training multi-stations go by many other names, such as muscle station, weight station, weight machine, weight center, muscle strength machines, multi-exercise bench, or simply multistation.

best folding rowing machine are the most appropriate choice for home exercise because of its more modest edge and reasonable sticker price. Water-powered opposition takes a shot at cylinders and either uses liquid or air.

Depending on the type of exercise, we can distinguish several types of gym machines for strength training and bodybuilding, such as:

Chest fly machine

The chest fly machine works with weights, cable pulleys, and plates, which is very enriching for motor skills, since it forces the deep muscle stabilizers to work since the movement is free and there are no stabilizing means.

Isokinetic machines 

They allow you to isolate the work of each muscle group, facilitating the technical execution of the exercises. Its disadvantage is that the work is excessively analytical and stabilized, which limits intermuscular coordination.

Different types of mechanisms are used in bodybuilding multi-stations. Some models have a stack of plates crossed by a vertical bar, in such a way that once weight is selected, all the plates above it rise when the bar is raised, while the plates below don’t rise. 

Although price and aesthetics are in many cases the parameters that are most taken into account when choosing a bench press gym package, there are some other factors that we must assess before deciding which muscle training machine to acquire, such as:


The criteria of biomechanics must be applied to the design of the machine, to reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of training, thus optimizing the time and effort invested in each session.

Exercise options 

Conveniently, the multi-station allows the greatest number of exercise possibilities, both for the lower body and for the upper body.


To ensure that the multistation can withstand all the loads to which it will be subjected, it must have a solid and stable structure.


For the exercise to be as comfortable and efficient as possible, the multi-station must allow the adjustment of various parameters, mainly the seat or the height of the bars, to provide comfort, precision, and safety to the movements.


To minimize the risk of injury, it must be a machine that pays attention to the safety of movements and that allows the resistance of the load to be adjusted to the strength profile of the user.


Whether it is a machine for private or commercial use, the area that a muscle station occupies is very important, since the available space is always limited.


The machine must be accompanied by all the information and documentation possible since otherwise, it is extremely difficult to program those physical exercises that allow us to achieve our goals.

Technical service and warranty: the warranty, technical service, and availability of spare parts are essential to prevent the weight training multi-station from remaining out of service in the event of a mechanical breakdown. 

Final Words

The multistations combine the advantages of dumbbells and weight benches and allow you to safely practice numerous weight training exercises that adapt to all areas of the body, all with safety, comfort, and efficiency.