The article will illuminate you about the new school shooting occurrence and portray the Ajax School shooting instance of 1980.

What do you are familiar the school shooting Incident? The stunning news has flowed all around the news media since Monday.

The understudy killing case has stunned many individuals in the United States and Canada. The two adjoining nations had previous experience on a similar issue.

The new Monday episode likewise returned to the occurrence that occurred in 1980. That time a secondary school understudy was exploited like a comparative shooting case in school.

The old occurrence is characterized as Ajax School Shooting.

How about we actually take a look at the History of the occurrence.
According to our examination, it was 1980 when the episode occurred. The name of the casualty was Adrian Precia. The shooting occurrence occurred in the school in Washington DC.

As per our sources, the school understudy’s name was Adrian Precia, who was well known for the name Ajax.

Our sources observe Michael Joseph was blamed for the shooting. According to the police source Joseph utilized 25 type guns. The episode sickened numerous other school understudies and guardians.

Afterward, another school understudy, Tanya Brown, depicted the sickening episode and recorded the proclamation to the city police.

The Ajax School Shooting and the new occurrence
According to our examination, we observe that fourteen years of age understudies are associated with the killing charges. Our sources likewise figure out the name of the casualty understudy.

The name of the casualty was Jahiem Robinson. Jahiem was an understudy of twelve grades. In a proper explanation, police told, Robinson was tracked down dead after the shot from the secondary passage.

Our sources additionally observe that the denounced understudy attempted to shoot another understudy, however fortunately the weapon didn’t discharge.

Police likewise actually look at all the video film of the episode, and the recording is obvious proof of the shot.

Ajax School Shooting and the Reasons
Numerous criminal therapists and specialists are attempting to comprehend the reason why these sorts of occurrences happen.

Our sources likewise attempt to figure out the genuine motivation behind why the occurrence occurred. In these shooting cases, most extreme understudies are under 20 years old. Most strangely, understudies’ profiting or purchasing a firearm are one more component for these sorts of shooting.

Consequently, simply last year, the Toronto city authority carried out the Community’s Safety Plan. The excellent worries of the security plan were to shut down these sorts of weapon brutality. The Monday occurrence has again reviewed the Ajax School Shooting.

The organization is considering more security measures to shut down these sorts of episodes in the city.

Note – All the subtleties referenced here are completely founded on the web and media’s examination.

The Final Call
Our sources observe that after the Monday murder occurrence, the city police really take a look at all conceivable data. Additionally, the police visited the region where the occurrence occurred.

However, the new slaughter additionally demonstrates the old fashioned killing occurrences that stunned individuals. In the mean time, individuals are likewise looking for the 1980’s Ajax School shooting episode. Furthermore, this is the explanation the news is moving all around the news media.

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