The methods used by large automotive enterprises to process parts by stamping process are basically not very different. Even the differences are caused by the use of different materials. The modern automotive industry is increasingly pursuing lightweight. The aluminum body has formed a mainstream trend. Aluminum and steel materials have differences in their own performance. By comparison, the stamping forming of aluminum body is more difficult than steel, The surface treatment of automotive die manufacturing also varies from material to material. These are all inseparable from the search for metal stamping supplier.

What is automotive sheet metal stamping?

Auto sheet metal stamping is also called “stamping”. This is a process that uses a lot of force to change the shape of a flat metal plate. The process may also involve drilling holes in metal. Sheet metal stamping is a very common process. In fact, sheet metal stamping is a part of the production process of most auto parts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of automotive sheet metal stamping?

automotive sheet metal stamping is a fast and simple process. This is a cold forming process. This means that you do not need to allocate any time for the stamped metal to cool. When a part cannot be punched by other processes, you can choose to use sheet metal stamping. Sometimes, for some reasons, you may need to use hydroforming, which requires you to use a separate process to punch holes in the parts, which will increase your costs. If you choose to use sheet metal stamping, you can make multiple holes in the sheet metal at one time, which will greatly reduce your cost. In addition, the sheet metal stamping machine can produce multiple complex bends in one stamping operation, which is something that can not be rejected by the car sheet metal stamping.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automotive Sheet Metal Stamping

The disadvantages of automotive sheet metal stamping mainly focus on the high cost of tools in the early stage. If you produce in small quantities, upfront tooling costs may make it expensive. The sheet metal stamping process requires two dies – one concave and one convex. Longer delivery time, because you need to design and manufacture two molds first. A little more metal scrap. For sheet metal stamping, the sheet metal must overlap the die a little. This generates more metal scrap than other processes. However, considering comprehensively, if the number of products to be processed is large, it is more cost-effective to use auto sheet metal stamping.

Common problems in automotive sheet metal processing

Burr, when cutting edges or punching holes in the process of sheet metal processing, there will inevitably be surplus materials and cross sections. These parts will have burrs. If the cross section is set as a benchmark to test the burr, if its height exceeds 0.2mm, iron powder will be caused by the burr, which will aggravate the loss of the mold, and at the same time, the mold will become uneven.

The coil crushing may cause edge wrinkling. The uncoiling line is equipped with a guide roller, which may cause wrinkling when the die guide roller has too small a gap. The reason for this phenomenon is that the coil is not balanced when feeding.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automotive Sheet Metal Stamping

Scratches. If the metal chips fall into the mold due to careless operation during the processing, or there are sharp and obvious scratches in the mold, the sheet metal components will also have scratches, and the mold needs to be cleaned or repaired in time.

The bottom is cracked. During processing, the edge of the blank holder shall not be pressed too tightly, and the sheet metal material shall have strong plasticity. Otherwise, the bottom of the sheet metal component is prone to crack. The blank holder can be loosened properly, and the material with strong plasticity can be selected.

Side wall wrinkles: if the sheet metal material does not reach the standard thickness, or if the upper and lower molds are installed eccentric, and the gap between the two sides is different, wrinkles will appear on the side wall of the component. The mold can be standardized immediately according to the specific situation, or it can be replaced with standard sheet metal materials.

In Conclusion

As more and more automobile manufacturing companies choose automotive sheet metal stamping, automotive sheet metal stamping company also usher in a peak of development. More and more people are investing in this industry, which also results in uneven quality of sheet metal stamping products. How to find the best automobile sheet metal stamping company can be analyzed according to this article.