Information is become a very valuable resource in the digital age. Personal information, business data, and financial information are all potential targets for hackers. One of the major concerns facing the internet nowadays is data leaks. This menace not only hurts people but also has the potential to cost businesses a lot of money.

Why Are Data Breach Risks So High?

The repercussions might be negative if business data or personal information is disclosed to the public or gets into the wrong hands. This could result in financial hardship for businesses, harm to their reputation, or even legal repercussions. Personal information misuse, identity theft, and financial losses are among the risks that affect individuals.

The Indonesian “62 Hacker” Phenomenon

The “62 Hacker” incident is one of the data breach cases that shook Indonesia quite a bit. a situation when a hacker made the RTP (Return to Player) information from multiple reputable slot business providers publicly available. Many players used this information to determine the RTP and the precise moments when their odds of winning at the slot machine increased. This phenomenon demonstrated both system vulnerabilities and how such knowledge may be used unfairly to gain certain benefits.

Prevention Steps

There are numerous methods that can be taken to reduce the risk of data breaches:

  1. Education in cybersecurity: It’s essential that business personnel obtain cybersecurity and data protection training.
  2. Use of the Latest Security Technology: Use the most recent security technology at all times, and make sure your systems are updated frequently.
  3. Use of Multi-Factor Authentication: This makes sure that only people who have been given permission can access the system.


In the digital age, data breaches are a reality, therefore it’s imperative to maintain constant vigilance. The danger of a data breach can be reduced with the right knowledge and preventative measures. We can better defend ourselves and the knowledge we have as we become more conscious of this threat.