Even though the COVID pandemic played a major role in the prolific rise of the virtual classroom phenomenon, we are not unfamiliar with the fact that edTech has always had the potential to boom beyond limits.  

So when the coronavirus was crippling the education system all over the world, putting the future of students in a fix, online tutoring emerged as a silver lining, with many students, teachers, and parents placing their trust in the virtual tutoring setup. 

After more than a year of the pandemic and students, parents, teachers, and schools turning to digital learning, research done by CoSN in 2021 found that digitally prepared districts were able to leverage teacher collaboration during a pandemic and were able to better support student learning needs while minimizing the learning gaps. Many schools and institutions throughout the world started using blended learning last year as an opportunity rather than a need brought on by a crisis, and many are still doing so today.

Another research report released by the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia University in July 2021 proves that student learning is equally effective and engaged in an online tutoring system. But the underlying assumption is that students receive access to excellent quality instructions and have support from parents or caregivers.

So, it is fair to say that online tutoring is here to stay and so let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that students, teachers, and parents can get out of online learning.

# Number 1: Helps bridge the learning and skill gaps

Think about times when you missed a school day due to sickness or other personal reasons or in other scenarios when you had to deal with summer learning loss and fear entering the class with low confidence. Yes, extended breaks from school & instruction can indeed leave students with substantial gaps in their foundational skills. 

Online tutoring can help in bridging the gaps and allow students to review concepts from the past year, and current school year and feel confident going into the class again. College students can be better prepared for the upcoming semester. No matter whether you’re heading back into the classroom, starting a new topic in school, or trying to make up for a missed class, online tutoring can help you along the way.

#Number 2: Guides with school homework and college assignments

By 2019, our education system primarily involved the following three key participants in the process of teaching and learning – students, the teachers, and the learning material. 

But this mix, suddenly after the pandemic, had a new and dominant player – the parents. 

But were they ready for it?

Of Course, there is no one answer to this question but there were multiple research studies released last year which showcased how overwhelmed and helpless parents felt when it came to education and learning for their children. For working parents who have demanding job roles and are busy with meetings and work-related deadlines, the added pressure of helping keep up with their learning needs can actually cause unneeded pressure and stress.

Therefore, parents and families may profit greatly from homework assistance services and online tutoring platforms like SolutuonInn. Anything from brief summaries of the relevant information to giving students complete step-by-step solutions can not only help the student get the right guidance, gain confidence, and look good in class but also on a more personal level can help strengthen the parent-child relationship, which in turn leads to general happiness and mental satisfaction.

#Number 3: Leads to better retention and engagement

Even if it’s hard to believe, it has now been demonstrated by several types of research that, when compared to traditional classroom lectures, classes delivered by video produce high levels of engagement with students and boost levels of knowledge retention.

The Journal of Cognitive Research released research in April 2018 that detailed the findings of an experiment done with high school seniors on a challenging topic like biology. Students were instructed in the inquiry using a variety of instructional methods, including lectures and videos. The pupils were forced to take an exam on the material that had recently been covered in class following each teaching session.

When considering material retention and engagement, the experiment’s findings showed that video lectures were the most beneficial for students.

The majority of online tutoring businesses include a selection of video learning tools that students may utilize to understand and master difficult subjects. Students may subscribe to a video resource at any time, and online tutors are available around-the-clock.

#Number 4: Engaging students in an active learning process

Each kid is unique; their skill levels, learning preferences, and other characteristics vary. It is crucial to recognize these minor variations and provide the appropriate direction in the early years to promote brain development.

Dr. Kathryn Murray, an education consultant based in Australia who has studied early childhood education and concepts of brain development, thinks that good mentoring and instructions can play a crucial role in helping a child feel safe and supported before allowing them to think more clearly once they are no longer in a defensive or fearful state.

In order to engage in an active learning process with the mentor, tutor, or coach, a youngster must first maintain mental calmness.

# Number 5: Boosts a child’s confidence and morale

Self-esteem, according to Dorothy Briggs in her book Your Child’s Self Esteem, “is the mainspring that slates every child for success or failure as a human being.” As a result, everyone involved in the teaching process, from schools to teachers to parents, should be very aware of how the child feels about the teaching & learning process and what needs to be changed to help build better self-esteem.

The youngster may develop their self-esteem in a number of straightforward ways through online tutoring, including:

  • giving the kid a voice and a specialized environment so they may feel safe and heard. They should never believe that receiving after-school assistance or advice diminishes their capacity to study or develop as quickly as their classmates.
  • In order to give students the experience of success rather than failure, online tutoring platforms can assist in breaking down the school curriculum into smaller milestones and goals based on their knowledge levels, creating a plan to achieve those milestones, and celebrating small and big achievements.

Since developing emotionally balanced, healthy, and happy children is ultimately more significant and vital.

#Number 6: Results in improved test scores for students

Test results are more than simply a collection of data; they reveal a lot about your parenting style, both good and bad. Bad test results may suggest that your child is struggling in class and requires help and mentoring.

The five items listed above, which have all been described in this article, combine to fulfill the test reports. Nothing can stop your child from receiving A+ marks if they have no learning gaps, fully comprehend the homework problems and answers, have been engaged in their study, and feel emotionally supported.

# Number 7: Highlight a child’s strengths and weaknesses

Every child is different, and it is important to value each one for who they are. This implies that they will also learn and process information in different ways. Teachers must teach in a specific way and at a specific speed in schools because of time and curricular constraints. For the same reasons, teachers at schools are unable to offer each kid in their class their whole attention.

The programs for online tutoring after school might be useful in this situation. The youngster may raise their hands without reluctance and will be able to get one-on-one attention.

To verify a student’s preferences and ability level, my online tutoring platforms like TutorEye also provide free learning style quizzes and knowledge assessments. Using the results of these tests, online tutors modify their methods of instruction.

#Number 8: Help parents & teachers be better tuned on their child’s progress

Online tutors at SolutionInn develop objectives with students and adjust the speed of instruction in accordance with the student’s needs depending on the findings of the first assessment stated in the point above. Many platforms provide automatic emails or texts to parents telling them of their child’s growth at each milestone. Parents will get greater knowledge about the advantages of online tutoring for their children as a result, and they will also be better able to speak with instructors about the resources that may be required to raise their children’s academic performance.

Therefore, establishing predetermined goals before beginning regular online tuition and periodically reviewing your progress might be crucial in producing significant outcomes.


Even Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are enthusiastic supporters of online education. Tutors are major celebrities in Hong Kong, with billboard appearances and a sizable fan base. In Singapore, students who are facing challenges with difficult subjects such as chemistry have greatly benefited from Singapore’s top chemistry tuition centres. Why not use an online instructor now to upgrade your knowledge base and learn something new? You have now formally joined the educational revolution. Therefore, continue studying every day.