A trip to Paris during the summer months allows you to be a part of the city. Most Parisians are away on vacation elsewhere, and it’s, therefore, less crowded and more relaxing. The mild temperatures let you thoroughly enjoy the city’s parks and outdoor spaces in the early morning and midnight. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the numerous events and festivals during June through the September “City of Lights”.

1. Relax on the beach at Paris-Plage

Do you realize you could relax on the beaches in the heart of Paris during summer? The event is run through Paris City Hall each throughout the year. From July through August, the Paris-Plage (Paris Beach) is a celebration on the Seine River banks. You can dip on the sandy beach on Parc Rives du Seine just in front of City Hall and at La Villette Canal Basin in the northeast part of the city. The barriers of the river are transformed into beaches through the construction of sun-loungers, sand umbrellas, palm trees and umbrellas. Drink and snack stalls and sporting activities like canoeing, for instance, are readily available.

2. Participate in film and music festivals.

Paris is a definite party city in summer. From mid-June through September’s end, Paris is a magnet for a large number of music enthusiasts to an array of huge outdoor music events. Beginning with Fete de la Musique (Paris Street Music Festival) from June to Paris Jazz Festival, Lollapalooza Paris, and Rock en Seine, Paris is a party in the summer. Film lovers will appreciate attending the Open-Air Cinema held on the lawn of the Parc de La Villette. There is a wide selection of featured films during the festival for free.

3. Paris is simultaneously busy and quieter during summer.

It’s a bit odd; we’re aware of it. However, Paris appears to be busier and more peaceful during summer. Due to the extended vacations, many Parisians quit the city to go on vacation elsewhere, making the public transportation system and streets downtown less crowded. But, due to the influx of tourists that arrive in Paris, the capital of France, in the summer months, some of the most famous monuments (the Eiffel Tower and the Le Louvre Museum, for instance) are prone to long wait times. Purchasing tickets or a visit early in the morning, picking the most suitable time to go, and exploring less-known sites are only a few strategies to beat the crowds of tourists in Paris.

4. Summer is the sale season in Paris

French, The sales for summer are held from early July through the close of August. These sales offer savings of between 30 and 70% off regular prices. Do your research ahead of time to discover the retailer with the most extensive selection of products you are interested in. Get there early on the first sales day and be prepared to be pushed and smashed. A fascinating fact is that discounts are higher during summer sales, ranging from 30 to per cent at the beginning before a 60% mark in mid-summer, and then reaching 80% by the closing of August. It means you don’t have to hurry to offer great deals towards the end of summer sales.

5. Picnic near the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The Parc du Champs de Mars (Field of Mars Park) is an area of 300,000 square meters of public green space around The Eiffel Tower. In summer, it’s one of the most bizarre spots to have a picnic while relaxing on the lawn just below “the Iron Lady”. Take a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Le Champ des Delices and Le Repaire de Bacchus on Rue Saint-Dominique, 300 metres away from the Champs de Mars. You can then find a spot on the grass and sit in a beautiful setting.

6. Best time to take a Seine River cruise

The ever-popular seine river cruise are even more enjoyable in the summertime. With temperatures that range between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius in June and July, the outdoor higher decks of mouches are the ideal spot to spend time tanning while admiring a wide array of the most well-known landmarks in Paris, which include Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvres Museum, to mention just a few.

7. Enjoy the view of the world from a cafe terrace

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy a drink at the outdoor terrace in a café located in central Paris. Sit back, drink coffee, and enjoy watching the world pass through. Paris has plenty of famous cafés, but we’ve come up with three short lists of places we believe should not be missed.

Cafe de Flore opened in 1880 along Boulevard Saint-Germain and is famous for its patrons, including Pablo Picasso, among its frequent customers in the 1940s.

Le Fouquet’s is an elegant spot on the chic Avenue des Champs-Elysees. It’s a fantastic location to drink but prepare for a high cost at the end.

Cafe Beaubourg faces the Pompidou Centre located on Rue Saint-Merri. The terrace is a fantastic place to watch people in the summer.

8. Explore Paris in the evening

Paris by night can be seen in a new dimension because of the spectacular lighting that adorns most of the city’s monuments and structures. The city’s nickname, “the City of Lights,” is well earned. The summer and warm temperatures allow you to stroll easily around the city even after the sun goes down. Walk down the Seine River between the Pont Neuf and the Pont de Sully. You’ll be able to enjoy great perspectives of the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral and the old buildings that line the river’s banks. If you don’t like walking, take note the Seine River cruises run until 10.30 at night from April until September.
So what are you waiting for? Remove your winter clothing and join us on an adventure through the best motives to visit Paris in the summer. From lying on the beach to taking shopping trips, there are plenty of things to do in Paris during the summer months.