Roblox pet games can be found in the virtual world. They have a large user base, mostly children and adolescents, with over 100 million active users per month in 200 countries. These dedicated users spend more than a billion hours each month in the Lego-like online gaming environment. Half of active Roblox users play with their friends.
Programmers create a variety of games and categories almost every day. Only a small percentage of these games are successful due to their unique ideas. Roblox is extremely close to creators and players. Developers and designers both benefit from the enthusiasm of gamers who support new games.

Top 8 Pet Games on Roblox

Here’s a list of the top 8 Roblox pet games.

  1. Animal Simulator
  2. Dinosaur World Mobile
  3. Wild Savannah
  4. Royale High
  5. Livetopia
  6. Pet Simulator
  7. Meep City
  8. Adopt Me!

Animal Simulator

This game’s title is an indication of its purpose and what players will do while playing. Ragnar9878 is a Roblox animal game that was posted and created. It is definitely one of the most loved Roblox games. You will control animals and live their lives while interacting with other players. You will be different from other gamers because of the creatures and how they are controlled. You will find plenty of countrysides to enjoy and the art style is beautiful. You and your friends can use a variety of animals for role-playing or other similar activities.
Wild Ocean
Wild Ocean is a Roblox site that was created by the same user. It is very similar to Wild Savannah. The Roblox animal game puts you in control of animals found in the ocean, rather than in the savannah. There are many species, including jellyfish, sharks, orcas, and jellyfish. You can take control of any one of these creatures and play role-playing games alongside your friends. You may choose to explore the depths of the ocean and do other similar activities. Although there isn’t much to it, Roblox’s animal game is still entertaining.

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Dinosaur World Mobile

There are many animal species and many others that have gone extinct. The dinosaur is one of these animal types. It is also the most famous creature of all time. You can play Roblox animals like these dinosaurs, and many other types. Your dinosaur character is in prehistoric times. You must save it from extermination. Your character may be attacked by other dinosaurs or die from other causes. You need to deal with hunger, thirst, and sleep. You must examine all these factors in order to be able to survive.

Wild Savannah

Wild Savannah was created by LudicrousCunningFox and is one of the most loved Roblox animal-related games. You can visit it at any time. Since its initial release, it has been viewed many millions of times and is still one of the most loved Roblox animal games. You can take control of the creatures found in the savannah, and use them to live and survive. There are many creatures you can play, each with its own set of gameplay characteristics. You can play as crocodiles or lions or tigers and many other animals.

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Royale High

It took only a few weeks before hundreds of people found Royale High and began playing it. Then came hundreds of thousands and then finally, millions. Today, the community of passionate fans makes beautiful products for Royale High. The designer hopes that individuals will soon be able to start their own businesses, such as clothing shops, in this setting. You can purchase pets that will go with you wherever they go. You have many customization options for your pets. It is one of the Best Roblox Pet Games.


Livetopia is an open-world game that has a large player base. You will be able to survive in your town by performing different tasks and earning money that you can then spend wisely. You have many options to choose from and you can wander freely if you don’t want to follow the quests or other features. To keep the game updated, it is constantly improved.

Pet Simulator

BIG Games Simulators has created Pet Simulator. The game begins with a pet dog, cat, or rabbit. Players choose their pets and then collect cash and boxes that are scattered around the landscape to buy more places to explore, fresh eggs, or additional pets to trade or gather. It is very enjoyable to play and well-designed. This is a game you should try.

Meep City

Alexnewtron released MeepCity in 2016, the first Roblox game with more than 1,000,000 users. You can interact with millions of MeepCity users by playing different activities, chatting, customizing your estate, earning cash, and participating in various chats. Roblox says Alex still uses MeepCity as he believes it is important to understand why people do the things they do.

Adopt Me

Adopt Me! The game broke new ground earlier this year with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Nearly 100,000 people will be playing together every time they visit the game: Adopting pets, building their own homes, visiting Adoption Island, and many other activities. Each new release introduces new critters for adoption, including turkeys in the Thanksgiving update as well as bees. Bethink (creative and tech director) has been playing Roblox for years. However, they only started to dabble in game production a few years ago.


We are done with our Top 8 Roblox Pet Games. Try all the games, and let us know which one you like best. Keep safe, and keep following us for more gaming coverage.