In the modern digital age, it’s often easy to forget some of the traditional forms of advertising that tend to be very effective. Yard signs are proven as an effective marketing tool for local companies. They are cost effective requiring little up front investment and they help feed the most basic marketing trends. Companies and new businesses use yard signs to spread brand recognition, drum up new business, and even engage the current customer base.  

Almost any business can benefit from the use of yard signs but here’s 7 examples of companies who would definitely benefit from this form of advertising.

1. Pest Control Companies

Pest control companies range from local mom and pop companies to nationwide franchises. Either way the clientele they serve tends to be local. Customers often feel more comfortable choosing a pest control company they’re used to seeing around the neighborhood. 

2. Pressure Washing Companies

The same rings true for pressure washing companies. When you call a number listed on local yard signs, you may be contacting an individual who offers their services part time and on the weekends. You may also be contacting a larger local company who serves several surrounding counties. Either way you often get personal service at a reasonable price. 

3. Real Estate Businesses

Many aspects of real estate benefit from using yard signs. Agents use yard signs to buy and sell homes while investment companies use them to attract clientele. Have you ever seen those signs offering to buy your home for cash? That is likely a real estate investment company operating in the local area, and chances are – they’ve caught your eye. 

4. Construction Companies

Renovation and construction companies often utilize yard signs to attract local customers. Construction companies advertise new communities being built while renovation companies use these signs to drum up new business. This is often an effective form of advertising for even established construction companies. 

5. Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships tend to use yard signs for effective advertising, especially during holiday sales and around tax time. This tends to produce a big return on investment for smaller dealerships, auto repair shops, and even detail shops. When local residents see these signs, they usually feel that they may get a better deal at one of these smaller companies. 

6. Landscaping Companies

Using strategically placed signage is a great way for landscaping companies to attract new business and begin expanding. It helps spread the word that these services are available and gets people talking. Yard signs are also a very affordable way to advertise services, whether you’ve got a lawn mower and a weed eater or an entire trailer full of tools. 

7. Carpet Cleaning Companies

When local residents see carpet cleaning companies advertising their services on yard signs, it helps build trust. People assume that nearby residents have used these services with satisfactory results, thus allowing the sign to be placed in their yard. It is the next best form of advertising for small businesses next to word of mouth. 

Invest in Yard Signs Today

Yard signs offer a dynamic form of advertising that few modalities can match. The custom blend of visibility within a target market and incredible return on investment make yard signs the best low maintenance marketing creative. If you own a business in one of these industries, some strategically placed yard signs can bring in new business and spread brand recognition in a local area. You don’t need to purchase other forms of advertising when a small investment in yard signs will surely help you grow your business.