Buying online has become a quick, easy and simple way to buy products at a good price, although there is still a lot of fear of fraud.

The Internet has become a very useful and important means of communication for most people. Thanks to it, we can be informed at the moment, anywhere, have contact with friends and family who are far away. If you are working in a company know about home depot health check to get a health card and enjoy shopping. It has made the world very small. Its impact is so great that we can even make purchases with a single click.

Insecurity Exists

Currently we find many portals dedicated to the purchase and sale of all kinds of items: books, clothes, cars, houses, toys, perfumes, electronic devices, and even groceries for our pantry. The range of products is very wide, but here comes the question that many ask themselves before making a purchase on the Internet: How safe is it to buy online? The answer is not simple, password theft, identity and even fraud is known, which causes mistrust in the user.

It is not easy to make the decision to put personal data in an unknown portal, without knowing the use that will be given to the information provided, and the most worrying thing is having to put the credit card number hoping not to be victims of fraud with extra charges and have the uncertainty if what we have acquired will really reach us.

Fighting Insecurity In The Network

If we consider the negative ideas that people have about the Internet, it is really difficult to think of buying something through this medium. While it’s easy to get addicted to online shopping, it’s not all bad: There are huge benefits to be gained from becoming a cyber-shopper.

The biggest benefit is that it is done quickly, easily and simply, without the need to leave home or the office, just by having a computer, tablet or cell phone connected to the Internet.

To have more security and control over our cards or online accounts, there are already some Internet transaction services.

After filling out a form and giving the card number, an account and user profile are created on the server that we have contracted. From there we have absolute control of the cards that we want to use on the network. They charge you a minimum amount that does not exceed 40 pesos (Mexican). In some cases, what is paid is discounted through a security code that appears on your account statement, which must be entered into the account that we created previously.

How To Use It?

The service is very simple, once registered, when making a purchase on a portal there are payment options with different types of cards and Internet transaction services. It should be clarified that it is not accepted in all, you have to look for the logo of the service that we hire.

Once we find the logo of the service we contracted on the page where we want to buy something, we simply click on the payment option and another window automatically opens where we will be asked for authorization to make the payment, asking for some information to verify our identity. .

After authorizing the payment, a notice of the transaction arrives to our email: the page where the purchase was made, the amount, the date and the time. If the purchase is not authorized from the window that asks for our data, the operation is canceled and there is no charge.

Now We Will Give You Some Tips To Buy Online

1. Check The Reputation Of The Page Where You Want To Buy

If it is well known, if it has many users, is it new or used things, if you know someone who has used the service, the comments on the publications, and the type of payments and how convenient the prices are.

2. Check The Payment Methods That The Page Has

Direct charges to credit and/or debit cards or Internet transaction services, which we explained above and, in some cases, due to the mistrust that is still generated to pay with cards, certain portals handle bank deposits, payments in some stores with extra charges for the service or counter-delivery (pay directly upon receipt of the product or service).

3. Make The Best Purchase Decision

In some portals the price of the same product changes a lot, so you have to carefully check where it is convenient to buy it, look for promotions and offers, because in some pages they do it at specific times or days.

4. Consider The Cost Of Shipping

It is usually not very expensive and they do not even charge it if there is a promotion. Check this point carefully because sometimes what you can save by buying online you spend on shipping, especially if you do it in an international portal.

5. Check The Charges With Your Bank

If you sign up for an online transaction service and there are unrecognized charges, the service should be notified immediately so that it can be traced, the purchase can be canceled and the amount refunded. This can take some time, but it is the advantage that you have with these services if something like this were to happen.

6. Use The Best Options

We have talked about Internet transaction services, but we have not given options, the best known are: Pay-Pal, Safety Pay, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout and Money Bookers.

Now yes: you have no excuse to try shopping online. You should always be careful not to get addicted to online shopping but the truth is that, used wisely, with this technology you will save time, effort and, on many occasions, money.