We all get the new year vibes when the calendar turns to December. The evening of 31st December is one of the best occasions to celebrate with our peers, friends & family. We start preparing our to-do list, searching for affordable places to visit, and making arrangements for parties.

People who prefer to indulge in outdoor activities go to theme parks, as these places have unique arrangements to make their new year more memorable. Also, theme parks entertain all age groups, are enjoyable for adults and are family-friendly.

If you are in Mumbai, look for different options for theme parks. Try Imagicaa, one of the best places to spend your new year’s eve. It has vibrant arrangements for the new year, with DJ Shadow – Dubai performing live along with V.Company dance troupe, other special acts like b-boyers, hip-hoppers and meet & greet with Stars of Imagicaa, Witness these breathtaking performances, late-night thrilling rides, Imagicaa parade, and mouth-watering food options along with drinks for adults. 

Imagicaa brings you a new year combo offer to grab these fun opportunities at affordable rates. Considering your budget, you can avail of different categories such as general, silver, gold, diamond, and VIP tickets.

However, the New year bash among theme parks has become a significant attraction and gathers many people from the city, resulting in extra crowds, long queues, and limited entry. To avoid this scenario of undue hustle, listing some helpful tips:-

Look for Discounts

Everyone loves discounts; it gives you a sense of extra achievement. Theme parks like Imagicaa offer discounts for new year festivals and provide combo offers or packages that include rides, food, traveling, and affordable stay at resorts. You may refer to the website of Imagicaa for exclusive discounts. 

It is recommended to visit only authentic websites for bookings. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of losing your hard-earned money for availing discounts, and Fraudsters cleverly trick you by displaying extra discounts on their fake websites.

Have you ever witnessed any situation where you planned to visit a popular park and missed out on the fun as the activities were not up to the mark? The same goes for the rides; people have different preferences for the theme park’s rides. Some may prefer thrill roller coaster rides, whereas others prefer simple rides due to their fear of heights. So, seize your precious moments with prior research about the types of rides available in the park, and if your kids join you, search for kid-friendly rides. This research helps to keep your fun & enjoyable experience. Theme parks like Imagicaa offer different rides suitable for everyone, including children and adults.

Plan Your Meals

There is a famous saying that good food makes you feel good. Your new year planning list is complete with the inclusion of happy & satisfying meals. Most theme parks have a proper arrangement of dining and lounge areas, cafes, and restaurants. Imagicaa offers you dining at Arrmada, Roberto’s Food Court, and Red Bonnet American Diner.

Check out the food menu of the available restaurants, depending upon the preference, like vegetarians, vegans, and nonvegetarians. Restaurants at Imagica have different food sections for people with distinguished food choices, and they also consider factors like hygiene and food quality.

Pack the Right Gears

Although theme parks comprise all essential things for your hospitality, there are a few personal arrangements you need to make before visiting the park. Some essential items you must have in your bags are skin care lotion & creams, chargers, a power bank, a hygienic mask, a small medical pouch, and a camera & lenses.

Also, check the websites of the theme park you are visiting; they display the prohibited items in the park.

Avoid Being Late

Theme parks are open for maximum hours; however, due to the rush, they may move towards slot bookings to manage the huge crowd. You may find the details on their websites regarding the timings, especially during the festive season.

Sometimes, due to limited entry, there are chances that you’ll miss out on the fun. Avoid being late and book your ticket as early as possible.

Never Try to Do It All

No matter what, you cannot have it all in one shot. Theme parks have many rides, games, activities, and food cafes. There is no fun covering it all within a short while; you will need more time to give time to everything. Instead, you may pick up a few best rides & games of your choice and enjoy them to the fullest.

Final Words!

Theme parks are constructed so you’ll get enough space and free time to spend with your loved ones. Additionally, the excellent ambiance of the park and soft music make your mood light and easy.

At Imagicaa Theme Park, one can find all ways of entertaining indoor shows based on various attractive themes and concepts. You can also enjoy the Grand Imagicaa Parade, If you are a water baby, you can choose to visit Imagicaa water park too! Dont miss out on Imagicaa Snow park & experience real snowfall there.

You can also shop at Imagicaa; they come up with incredible deals on bags, footwear, masks, swimsuits, drinkware & caps, and toys collection for kids. Also, try their resort staycation option at Novotel Imagicaa to spend your holidays with good hospitality.

Visit the website of Imagicaa to get more details about pre-bookings.