It may be somewhat intimidating to consider all of the tasks that social media marketers must do on a daily basis, from content creation and publication to analytics and reporting.

Fortunately, there are many fantastic social media tools accessible to assist. These technologies can help you optimize your operations, save time, and guarantee that your material reaches the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

However, with so many amazing social media tools available, the experts at Netbase Quid thought it would be a wonderful idea to highlight the top ones to help you choose what’s best for your business.

NetBase Quid® is a leading market and consumer intelligence platform. It enables companies to add, track, and assess various social media accounts by providing scalable social media tracking with an uninterrupted stream of data updates.


This social networking scheduling application can assist you in managing many social accounts. Buffer’s key advantage is content planning and uploading rather than having too many extra features. While its satisfied client base praises its user interface, marketing agencies and small marketing teams may find it costly in the long term. Extra Buffer services, such as Buffer Analyze and Buffer Reply, need a separate membership. Its competitors often provide these features for free.


This is probably the most popular platform and is utilized by over 18 million users and over 800 Fortune 1000 firms. There’s a reason for its success: it’s an all-in-one program that enables you to manage and plan content, track social ROI, execute social media marketing, and much more. Furthermore, it enables cross-team communication. Aside from the obvious benefit of monitoring all mentions and comments inside one dashboard, you could also assign tasks and publish across many channels.

Sprout Social

This is an all-in-one social media tool that helps companies better manage their marketing activities. It has multi-level access, which makes it easier for marketers to collaborate and assign duties to other team members.

It also includes comprehensive post-scheduling, an in-depth statistics platform, and social listening features. As a result, Sprout Social is now among the most efficient methods to boost engagement, client connections and adhere to your social advertising strategy.


This platform can help you manage your social media by monitoring keywords, evaluating rival strategies, and finding relevant influencers. Mention’s ‘alerts’ are among its most popular advantages. When you select a phrase to track, you will get real-time notifications whenever it is used. You can receive daily analytics summaries in your email inbox. You have easy accessibility to all of your company’s online mentions, as well as the ability to filter analytics to focus on certain KPIs.


Buzzsumo is popular for its content search, curation, and analysis tools, but its influencer advertising capabilities are as valuable. The tool assists you throughout influencer marketing, from identifying influencers with genuine social impact to connecting to them.

You may examine the content posted by an influencer to determine whether it matches the tone and message of your company. You may also follow influencers straight through Buzzsumo, which will add them to your Twitter list.

Social Pilot

Social media statistics from Social Pilot allow you to monitor metrics for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Its detailed analytics reports provide an overview of all important parameters like engagement, top fans, ideal times to publish, popular hashtags, and much more.

Social Pilot allows you to include your organization’s name and logo in the reports to provide a uniform brand experience. From this tool, you may export PDF and Excel reports or email them to your marketing team and clients.

There are several useful social media tools available, with new ones appearing on a regular basis. The goal is to select tools that can help your marketing efforts and to spend time learning more about them.