Web push notifications are a common communication channel used by businesses to reach potential customers, tempt them, and drive more conversions. These provide customers with promotional and non-promotional content for key brands.

In this blog, we have listed 10 web push notifications examples useful in increasing online conversions.

But before jumping to web push notifications examples, we will discuss what web push notifications are and why they are used.

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What Is Web Push Notification

Web push notifications are the notifications that your website visitors consent to and receive notifications without having to install your app.

These WordPress push notifications are clickable and rich content messages that are sent to user’s devices-desktop or mobile directly by a website.

Why These Web Push Notifications Are Used

Woocommerce push notifications are used by marketers to create, engage, and retain their customers. And these are meant to ease a timely flow of information.

Plus, web push notifications help in engaging users even when they are not active on the web.

10 Web Push Notifications Examples Helpful In Increasing Conversions

It is quite essential to utilize web push notifications properly. Because by doing so, conversion is increased for sure. Below, we have listed 10 web push notification ways that will help you to increase online conversions.

1. Re-engage The Inactive 

As a website owner, you may want to bring back users to your websites who have been away for a long time and are still on your website but not doing much.

The content of your e-commerce website is similar for active and inactive customers but you can identify the right channel to interact with the latter.

The carefully selected content of advertising by e-commerce websites should focus on updated offers and the latest products to give users a solid reason to think about it. 

2. Provides Time-Sensitive Deals And Offers

Timing is crucial in a season of sales. To illustrate it, the holiday sale is the best sale to promote time-sensitive offers. To promote time-sensitive offers, you have to make a countdown, and generate a feeling of urgency in the customers to complete the action.

Give information about these sales- to dropped-off users, both in the form of browser or native push notifications, motivating them to visit their website swiftly.

3. Price Drop Notifications 

If the users are satisfied with the choice of the offer, they will only settle for the best deal. The average user compares multiple fashion websites before completing a purchase.

How do you notify interested users about a drop in the price of the product they wanted to buy?

And wherever you are, how do you reach out to your viewers to let them know about the price cut?

In the age of digital media, waiting for an email to be read is a bad idea. We encourage you to consider options that are readily available and that you can trust to reach the right audience.

4. Reward The Loyal Users

No doubt, sending WordPress push notifications to website subscribers is imperative but the right time, relevance, and personalization are also crucial.

So sending web push notifications at the optimal time will help you to increase sales and customized messages for users resulting in a surge in conversions. Plus, sending web push notifications on festivals or birthdays is also effective.

In addition to all these, you must reward the loyal customers from time to time through some best price deals, latest product details, gift vouchers, and coupon codes.

5. Target Cart Drop-off Again 

The most common customer behavior is to browse product categories, shortlist a few, and then leave the car alone.

Reasons for such customer behaviors such as multitasking at work, attending phone calls and meetings, being distracted by various communications, logging off online websites, or lacking money.

It is very disappointing that potential buyers leave the site at the last minute. 

But do not worry.

You can take some proactive steps via web push notifications to encourage them to make a purchase.

There is an opportunity to regain lost sales by reminding users of the product that initially their intention to buy.

Combined with the discount coupon, you will win more than half of the battles.

6.  Recommend New Product Entry

When you have successfully identified and segmented the customer base, based on the customers’ purchase behavior and history, sending relevant product-related web push notifications will increase the chances of sales. And in turn, conversions are also increased.

7. Return Category Drop-off 

Users who visit e-commerce websites regularly are arguably the most important demographic and their activity increases only during the holiday season.

You can manage a segment of a group of users who have come across something they like, but have abandoned the transaction for a variety of reasons and dropped out in the middle. 

Because the competition to garner sales grows, rapid follow-ups with appropriate channel optimization are important to get these users on the line. 

Personalization plays a crucial role here. If the user is provided with well-designed and timely notifications, the user may immediately complete the order again.

8. Keep Your Messages Concise And Compelling

If you are unaware of this already, then you need to know that push notifications allow you to use only a limited number of characters to convey your message to your website’s visitors, which makes the job so tough.

So, as an online business owner, you need to properly use what is available to you. Keep your notifications clear, concise, and especially eye-catching.

9. Location-Based Notifications

Location-based web push notification is a sure-fire way to achieve more conversion rate. These notifications are based on your geographical location.

When you provide your customers with location-based offers, they can use those offers in that area.

For example, you can send out notifications about the upcoming weather condition in a particular area. And you can highlight products that are on sale on your website. 

10. Use Images And Rich Media

The picture is worth a thousand words. Users do not always click notifications. In such cases, using images to convey your message can help you reach your campaign goals.

Adding an image to the notification makes the notification more prominent, provides a pre-context of what the user is clicking on, and makes it easier to understand the goal of the push notification.

Concluding Notes

These are 10 web push notification examples that are helpful to you for increasing online conversions. So, start using WonderPush as this platform gives your push notifications templates that will fulfil your requirements.